Paper Reproductions
Framed and Unframed

 The Miller-Havens Studio's high quality limited editions match the color and integrity of the original art work with superior accuracy and precision. Each piece is signed by the artist.
Because Miller-Havens is an oil painter these reproductions are offered in very limited editions.
Some are available matted, others include mat and frame 
Pricing doesn't include packaging and shipping except for Martinez reproductions
We suggest FEDEX or Private Art Shippers. Happy to consult as to your choice

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Women's Best Friends

Women's Best Friends #1

Edition of 18

15"x 9" (original painting size)

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Women's Best Friends #10

6 x 10

Edition of 10 - purchase here »


Male Athlete Series Basketball

1990's Warrior


7"x 5" - purchase here »

Edition of 10 Luminages


Arrangement in Green


11" x 7.5" - purchase here »

Edition of 1, Pigment Print



Original Oil Painting



2001 Warrior


Edition of 3 Luminages


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Original Oil Painting


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Arrangement in Purple- PJ Brown



Edition of 1 Giclee



Baseball Series

Running Against Myself 17" x 17"

Edition of 1 Luminage Matted & Framed

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Lord of the Infield 12" x 12"

Edition #7 of 7 Reprochromes Matted, Framed in wood

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A New Inning (Hattleburg) 12" x 10"

Edition of 6 Reprochromes 

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Three Balls No Strikes (Fisk) 10" x 5"

Edition of 6 Giclees  1 Matted 

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Original Oil Painting 20 x 10 

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Manoguayabo  y Boston

Artist's Proofs  #2 of 5 Luminage

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Martinez/Miller-Havens Reproduction Project
To Benefit The Pedro Martinez Charity


El Orgullo y La Determinación    
(Pride and Determination)
Signed Luminages


Pedro speaks about his portrait's 11 year journey, its acceptance to

 The National Portrait Gallery and his collaboration with the artist

to produce Reproductions to benefit The PedroMartinezCharity

the Education of Teachers and Children in the US and DR 

El Orgullo y La Determinación

(Pride and Determination) Luminages*


Two sizes

Large : 43"x 16" Page Size: 50"x 22" 

Small : 21"x 8"   Page Size: 27"x 13" 

(Add 2 inches for frames)

To Purchase: Contact Charles Chessher, Director of Fundraising Pedro Martinez Charity 


No further reproductions will be made of this painting.

Copyright ©miller-havens 2010

Licensing of Image only with Permission of the Artist 



*The Autumncolor Luminage process uses a laser digital enlarger to expose chromogenic paper held by a vacuum with in a drum. This process picks up the paint strokes of the original painting. The paper used is a smooth Fuji Crystal. Display life is over 70 years, more than twice that of dye transfers and Cibachromes. The Luminages are mounted on archival gator board.



Produced by Miller-Havens Fine Arts Studio Cambridge MA, & The Martinez Foundation Boston MA. ©2010