Oil/Wax on marine plywood

15 x 10 Inches, 16 x 11 Inches Framed

Stanhope custom Dutch black shadow box frame

The point guard in basketball sets the pace for each play.
His mandatory watching of each second on the clock requires a
finely tuned mind. This skill is added to what is most often a game
recalling the combativeness of gladiators in the distant past.
These present day warriors are constrained only by the referees,
the clock and the combined skills of the point guard.
Fineness and force are meant to be conveyed by rendering the
painting in a palette of few colors while attention is paid to
intensifying the detail and expression on the image's face.
The absence of background images encourages the viewer to
focus on the moment. Ambiguity is present in the composition
because neither the artist nor the viewer know how many
minutes are left on the clock or what the player is thinking.

The Point Guard's Clock: Tim Hardaway