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Male Athletes
 Available Male Athletes Oil Paintings
Painting of basketball player in pre game shoot around
Painting of Alonzo Mourning Miami HEAT in shoot around

Man in Black (Zo Miami HEAT)

2001 Warrior

Painting of Dennis Eckersley

Trying Not To Pitch Out of My Shoes (Eck)

Painting of Baseball Player sliding into base

Corredor de Bases

Painting of Carlton Fisk arguing with the umpire

Three Balls Two Strikes ( Last of Fisk series)

Painting of 2 basketball players

Not In My House

Oil painting of Timmy Hardaway Miami HEAT

The Point Guard's Clock (Hardaway) Miami HEAT

Painting of basketball player in shootaround before a game

The Boston Garden 1999
Shoot Around Pre-Game #1

Painting of Ike Austin Miami HEAT

Number Eight

A basketball player in pre-game shoot around

The Boston Garden 1999
Shoot Around Pre-Game #2)

Red Sox Pitcher Luis Tiant

El Tiante

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