New commission Leopoldina en el Oro.

 The painting is heart-achingly beautiful!  

The juxtaposition between the shimmer of her gold dress and

the sad/stillness of her face is amazing.    2017

Shari Tishman, Ed.D. Lecturer Harvard Graduate School of Education

 Director, Project ZeroArts in Education Program at Harvard Project Zero


I have several Miller-Havens pieces. The wide arc of her work is stunning

and a testament to her interest and wonder of the world around her.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a work to grace your

home - the longer you have it, the more you'll love it.

2016 Dorothy Walter Art Collector Colorado



The more we discussed painting, the more we felt an affinity and mutual appreciation

for how much our respective talents flowed from our fingers.

I loved the painting, which is entitled El Orgullo y la Determinación (“Pride and Determination”).


Susan’s painting holds a secret, a softer side of me stayed hidden, like Susan’s flowers.

Behind every big-league pitcher stands the real person,

each with his own story to tell of resilience and an offering of hope.


Pedro Martinez HOF Pitcher 2015 

Susan's work is truly amazing.

I am honored once again, that one of the portraits she painted of me has been

selected for installation in

The National Art Museum of Sport

Carlton Fisk HOF Catcher November 6, 2014

"She is one of the very few artists who gets down into the soul of her subject and brings that aspect to life on canvas ... remarkably so."

Pat Riley
President Miami HEAT
Miller-Havens Patron

"Sport as subject matter in contemporary painting is hardly an unknown, but it commonly encourages images of the utmost banality and vulgarity. From this venue Miller-Havens is many worlds apart. Her new work is trenchant, pointed, haunting. She takes a simple form such as a catcher's mask or a baseball glove and paints it with knowledge and with love so that it is at the same time a potent icon and a humble object -- as both it is beautiful, and that is her gift. Her work is beyond genre because she is a superb editor and inventor."

James Wilson Rayen
Elizabeth Christy Kopf Professor of Art
Wellesley College

 What an impressive collection.  I am not sure that I will be as easy as "Pudge," but I can't wait to see the finished product.  Most of the work that I have seen done of baseball players is a totally different style.  

When this gets done, I will be sure to show it off, and since all athletes like looking at themselves,  

You will be beating them off with a stick.

 Mike Matheny  June 30 2000

Thank you for the kind message. It is good to hear from you and I hope all is well.

I see Mr. P. often and also think of you when I see the terrific painting you did that is displayed in my home.

Best wishes and God Bless.

Mike Matheny

April 2 2015


"The artist paints most of these portraits from the back, where the slump of a woman's shoulder or the attentiveness in a dog's alert stance can speak volumes about the bonds of a cherished relationship. The artist luxuriates in the color white, balancing myriad subtle shades in both the clothing and the dog's fur. The portraits are set against a background of soft gray, thrusting these relationships out of the temporal and suggesting a connection that is timeless and enduring"

Mary Jo Palumbo
Arts Reporter, Boston Herald Newspaper
For ARTnews Magazine, New York City


"The artist paints most of these portraits from the "Miller-Havens work allows the viewer to participate directly in the action portrayed by visually isolating that action and in the richness of the gestural painted mark."

Douglas Hilson
Professor of Art
Hofstra Museum Hofstra University

"If you like art and sports, check the web site for Susan Miller-Havens (

The Boston-based artist has done a number of brilliant commissioned portraits, including one

that the Smithsonian Institute is trying to purchase."

Peter Gammons
September 2000 Co-Donor (with Gloria Gammons) of Martinez Portrait to The National Portrait Gallery 2011

"Susan Miller-Havens addresses in her oil paintings several important themes, most especially the depiction of the usually isolated figure as male athlete in a context that transcends the specifics of time, place and commercial trivialization. The depiction of the male athlete in terms of aesthetic beauty achieved the sublime in the sculpture of ancient Greece as created by male artists. Miller-Havens seeks to add a new voice to this subject-matter, looking at the contemporary male athlete on a two dimensional plane, with a 20th century perspective, while exploring representational and abstract artistic concerns. She works toward stirring in the viewer a sense of ambiguity, timelessness and a feeling of human connection with the painting. This results in transcending specifics suggested by the individual ball player."

Sydney L. Waller
Co-curator "Diamonds Are Forever" an internationally-touring exhibition
The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Program
Arts Administrator, The New York State Historical Association

"I cannot believe how wonderfully you captured the "poodle himself" as well as our close relationship.

The Series as a whole is incredibly touching and speaks loudly about a kind of friendship that

is nearly impossible to describe."

Claudia Logan
Author and Model For This Series


"I found one painting, # 6 [of the Women's Best Friend Series], in particular that I consider to be absolutely stunning. Even when I analyze it in the broadest and most formal "art terms" that I know, it holds up beautifully. I've become quite prejudiced. I think it's more enchanting than most contemporary work that I've looked at recently. I see it as a figurative painting with different psychological interpretations while, at the same time, I can read it as an interesting abstract piece."

Fay Chandler Artist
Founder The Art Connection, Boston

"Susan Miller-Havens captures the heroic qualities in all her portraits and figure studies with a palette that includes the most subtle of color combinations. Her paintings are as much about the magic of color as

the essence of heroism in her subjects."

Richard A. Johnson
The Sports Museum of New England

"There is such life in your paintings: motion, emotion,the sadness of lost youth and the joy of recognition. I cannot tell you how much I see in them or am amazed by your picking subjects which women are not supposed to understand and making us all understand them better. Truly amazing work. The only other time I saw a painting and had tears in my eyes was when I saw Guernica in Madrid"


Alan R. Spievack, M.D. Patron
Founder,Vice President and Director of Technology ACELL, INC.
Researchers in regenerative medicine technology