The Fisk Series
Why Paint the Same Image Over and Over? 
From Cezanne to Wyeth artists throughout time know that complete familiarity with the subject allows the artist more freedom to explore and invent new compositions,to take artistic risks with color, line and abstraction.Think of how many times Cezanne painted apples, how often Helga was Wyeth’s model!


A Rhubarb (Carlton Fisk)  

Oil on wood 10" x 17" Framed in burgandy-black maple

  • National Portrait Gallery Interview
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  • Sydney Hart Senior Historian
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Why Fisk?


I was inspired by my observation of Fisk's long career in which he represented an individual with high standards. He was a captain, able to control the speed and course of his ship without compromising himself or his teammates.  

He was proud and intense, a protester of things not done according to his standards.

He fiercely embodied the American ethic of hard work, honesty

and pride that it is so easy for society to forget.

Young Man From Charleston NH.

Oil/wax on Canvas Permanent Collection

The National Art Museum of Sport 

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