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Zooming Out  Series 2022-23 
Oil painting of people on Zoom

#1 Private Collection Los Angeles California

Oil painting of people on Zoom



Oil painting of people on Zoom


Oil painting of people on Zoom


Oil painting of people on Zoom


Zooming Out #6.



Inspired by Pandemic Isolation, Zoom,

The Art of Surrealism, and the comedy of the late Ernie Kovacs


The isolation and anxiety brought about by the covid Pandemic and the resulting surge of Zoom usage inspired me to comment artistically.

Years ago, I had had the idea of painting a few portraits of people sitting in windows, as had artists during the Italian Renaissance, but I was deterred by other projects so didn’t follow through.

Captured by Zoom myself for these last two years I began to think about how many attendees may want to reach out of their boxes to be with other participants.

In this series the use of the underpinnings of the art of Surrealism contributes to depicting somewhat unnerving and illogical scenes.

My childhood exposure to the first late night comedian, Ernie Kovacs boosted my leanings towards invention and humor.  His experiments with camera work and spontaneous comedy such as desk legs that were human legs or little people showing up on the bottom of his screen gives me permission to think out of the box, as it were.

In Zooming Out I continue my use of grey backgrounds as the great containers of color and space. 

My representation of individuals  aims to leave their stories completely up to you, the viewer’s imagination.


©miller-havens 2022-2023

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