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The Arts in Education

The Harvard Arts in Education Alumni Assoc "Continuing the Conversation" and The AIE Advisory Council *

The Continuing the Conversation network was started in 2007 by Arts in Education (AIE) Program graduates Andrea Sachdeva, Ed.M.’07, and Joy Lamberton Arcolano, Ed.M.’04, with the hope that AIE alumni would — literally — continue the conversations they began as students at HGSE.


Though the format has changed over the years, the annual summit provides a space for anyone who has an interest in arts and education to come together, engage in discussion and artistic exploration, and reflect on their practice.


Summit-goers listen to speakers, participate in labs and small group discussions, and are given time to think about how to apply what they’ve learned to their professional practice.

Miller-Havens and Pedro Martinez teach 8th graders, from the Carol Morgan School The Dominican Republic, about the relationship between painting, pitching, and the value of exercising both sides of the brain.


(Miller-Havens representing oil paintings )\

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